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February 12, 2010

Week 6 Tech 114 Lecture:

how did we go from “news is about finding your own truth” to “ninjas cannot overpower a samurai!” ???

All that aside, I found the video that Josh showed everyone very interesting. In case you missed it…

The way people change their behavior because of the effect of the “camera” and being “in front of the lens” is very convoluted. It is even more unsettling however, to look at how many people engage in observer/innocent bystander behavior without a camera present. I recently attended the SFU Leadership Sumit and at one workshop a group talked about this trend. They told a story about a woman in the states that was raped, on the street, in broad daylight. People walked by but no one did anything to help her. They also told us about a man in LA who was riding the equivalent of our skytrain (theirs runs 24 hours, no stops) and died. His dead body sat on the train for three days before anyone approached him or did anything about it. [NOTE: I have no idea how factual either of these tales that were shared with me are, but I am sure similar things have happened] As a society and in western culture we often become mere observers to our lives. I think part of it has to do with where each of us sit on the autistic spectrum, but there is a fine line between being inadvertently involved in our own worlds (and all the social awkwardness that accompanies that) and being self absorbed. At what point do we need to step outside and come together as a collective?

Today in the lab Josh brought up an interesting point about achieving consensus. He said something about us not having a “social  consensus on truth”. I think in order for consensus based decision making to work at all you need to have a group of like minded people with similar goals. This is what I have learned from personal experience.

What a day. To end it off i’ll say this…

Question everything.


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