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StudioLab 02 – PART TWO

February 5, 2010

The Plan

Confirming attendance:

  1. write manual letters
  2. send them via international air mail
  3. ask for responses via air mail

Booking accommodations:

  1. split into groups
  2. go on foot around Vancouver to prices out hotels
  3. book plane tickets at the airport
  4. travel to various places to book things like car rentals

Sending information & confirmation:

  1. write manual letters
  2. send them via international air mail

The Questions

What were the most difficult parts of the mission?

Trying to avoid using any communication media was incredibly difficult.  This was particularly challenging because we have become accustomed to using the internet and the telephone to organize things.  As a society we have become lazy and impatient when dealing with other people. We realized that overall the entire process will be more time consuming because of all of the “manual labor” involved. Instead of typing something and sending a quick message things must be handwritten and vendors must be visited in person. When human transportation becomes a part of the planning logistics get more complicated.

Which communication media would be most missed in the world and why?

The internet would be most missed due to its many uses and the way it binds all other communication media together.  It has become the catalyst for modern interactions and has increased communication speed.  A world without the internet would be slower and more isolated.

What are the expenses for the planning and coordination of this conference? (you do not need to worry about venue expenses, food, or any other details aside from the planning requirements listed above).

We would have to worry about transit expenses, postage, and writing material when doing the initial organization of the event.  Here is an outline for our expenses:


  • One zone transit $2.50 adult
  • Two zone transit $3.75 adult

International postage

  • Rwanda $2.00-$152.00
  • China $2.00-$118.00
  • UK $2.00-$80.00
  • Australia $2.00-$80.00
  • India $2.00-$118.00

Writing Supplies

  • letter size copy paper $48.96 per 5000 sheets
  • envelope $2.00 per 20
  • pens $1.00 per 20


  • 4 weeks for waiting for mail to be received
  • another 2 weeks to waiting for a reply
  • Approx 2 days of on foot planning and booking
  • 4 weeks for waiting for confirmation to be received

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