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StudioLab02 – PART ONE

February 4, 2010

1. Tell me about the different ways that you used communication for 24 hours in your journal.

Jenni: I used the internet to communicate (RSS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter) in addition to utilizing my cell phone for making calls and text messaging.

Rotem: I used my cell phone to call people and receive calls I also used it to txt back and forth with people. I also used my computer for: emailing, face book I.M, Listening to the radio, and Skyping. I also read a book.

Patricia: During the 24 hours, I used various kinds of communication media that included: watching television, I watched the Australian Open on television; surfing the internet, I read several blogs and websites that I keep up with daily, I also checked my email and logged onto Facebook; chatting on MSN, whenever I am on my laptop I am usually online; talking on the phone and sending text messages on the phone.

Nikita: In the 24 hours, I used six forms of communication: radio, phone, iPod, newspaper, laptop/computer, and television. I used the radio and iPod to listen to music because I like to drown out the sounds of the world, and I dislike sitting in silence. I read the newspaper while I commuted to school to catch up on current affairs, but I also used it as a form of entertainment while I tried to finish the crossword and Sudoku. The television was for entertainment purposes as I watched shows to relax. The laptop was used for both educational purposes and entertainment purposes.

Alana: I used the internet to check my school emails and person emails.  I utilized the following email carriers; Shaw, SFU, and Face Book.  My personal laptop and home computer were the machines through which I gained access to these sites.  The other prominent technological device I used was the television set and cell phone.

Adam:  I woke up with my alarm-clock, watched some TV while eating breakfast, and for the majority of the day I used my laptop for various activities. With my laptop I replied to multiple emails, played online games where communication was vital, and chatted online via Facebook.

2. What was the most common communication media that you used in 24 hours?

Jenni: SMS text message.

Rotem: I used the computer the most, for face book and chatting.

Patricia: The most common communication media that I used is the internet.

Nikita: The most common communication media I used was a laptop/compute

Alana: laptop

Adam: The most common technology I used was my laptop.

3. What was the most common purpose for the communication media you used?

Jenni: Social purposes (making plans, connecting and communicating with friends).

Rotem:  I used the communication to communicate with friend’s that I haven’t seen in a while. And I couldn’t communicate with them otherwise (only through long distance calling=expensive). The main purpose was social.

Patricia: The most common purpose for the communication media I used was keeping up with schoolwork. For example, I went on Facebook to ask a classmate a question about the homework; I checked my e-mail to see if there were any updates from professors and also checked WebCT to check if the new homework had been posted up.

Nikita: I spent roughly 4 hours on it to check emails, work on assignments/projects, research images, facebook, and msn. It was mostly for educational purposes.

Alana: The most common purpose for the media I used was to check my email accounts and to contact friends and family.

Adam: The most common use of my communicational media was used for email. That day I replied and created over 40 emails to friends.

4. What do you think you learned most about the role of communication media in your everyday life by keeping this journal?

Jenni: “Communication Media” is a very broad term and can be interpreted in many ways. I had to put a lot of thought into which of my communications fall under that umbrella term.

Rotem: I learned that I’m pretty much dependent on it ( I know it’s sad) but I’m sure that I’m not the only one. On the bright side it makes my life so much easier, enabling me to communicate with family and friends from over sea’s on a daily basis. In this way I feel less detached to what’s going on at home.

Patricia: Looking at my journal now, I do not know what I would do if I did not have communication media because so much of my day has to do with it.

Nikita: I learned that communication media surrounds us and we are not always aware of the impacts that it plays in our lives. I use a form of communication media almost every hour of every day and if they were taken away from me, I would be at a complete loss.

Alana: I learned that communication plays an important role in the way I use my time and address communicating with people.  I found that I used a great amount of my time to talk to people about various subjects whenever I had spare time.  I never had to worry about meeting a person in order to discuss things with them.  In a way it dictated how I was going to do things that day; I planned my schedule around when I could talk to people, watch TV and listening to music.

Adam: I’ve learned that I am more reliant on my laptop than I had realized. Originally I had viewed my cell phone as my major form of communication but apparently that was not the case. Curious to see if it was just a fluke but again, the majority of my time was on my laptop

5. What was the most surprising thing that you learned from keeping this journal?

Jenni: Most of my personal interactions have some sort of an electronic implication. Technology greatly influences my life.

Rotem: I was really surprised at the amount of time I waste, on face book and other internet sites or computer technologies in general.

Patricia: The most surprising thing that I learned from keeping this journal is that I spend an incredible amount of time communicating everyday.

Nikita: The most surprising thing that I learned was how much communication media I used in my day.

Alana: When comparing my journal to others in my group I found that mine is surprisingly short in comparison.  I thought I used a lot of technological communication devices, however it was quiet small compared to the norm in my group.

Adam:  The most surprising aspect of this journal was the realization that my mom was right and I spend too much time on my laptop.

6. What are some of the positive implications about having communication media in your life?

Jenni: It is much easier and faster to connect with people. Communication media makes it easy to connect with people and maintain large social networks.

Rotem: It makes my life easier, and lets me communicate with people around the world instantly. The video chat on skype, makes me feel less home sick. I can also know what’s going on at home. Through my cell phone I can be reached 24-7, in his way I’m not missing any information or things that are going on. The first communication I used was to get a text from Adam explaining what we need to do for this assignment.

Patricia: Some of the positive implications about having communication media in my life is being able to communicate freely and easily with people from other parts of the world.  I have a lot of relatives who reside in the United States and also a lot of relatives and old friends living in the Philippines.  Communicating with them has become instantaneous.

Nikita: Some of the positive implications about having communication media are that it makes it easier to communicate with people that I am not with, such as through msn, and also makes it easier to find information that would otherwise be difficult to find if I didn’t have internet.

Alana:  Allows me to communicate with people who are far away and who I would not regularly see.  For example I was able to talk to my aunt who lives in Alberta.  It gives me something to do when I am bored; there are limitless possibilities when using the internet on a laptop.

Adam: For me the best implication of having communication media is being able to talk to my friends along far distances. When I was going into grade eight, my buddy was going to be moving to White Rock, but since we had MSN and the telephone, we could talk back and forth and coordinate times to meet each other to play the epic Halo: Combat Evolved game.

7. What are some of the negative implications about having communication media in your life?

Jenni: It is much harder to connect with people on a deeper level with communication media. There is something organic and unique about a face-to-face conversation that social media cannot replicate. Human contact and connected is somewhat decreased by the rise of electronic conversation.

Rotem: I feel there’s less face to face communication. We have also lost the notion of spontaneity. Also there’s no privacy. These are the main issues that can be seen in  either a positive or a negative way.

Patricia: Some of the negative implications about having communication media in my life is how much of a distraction it can be.  Often times, while trying to do my homework, I would end up surfing the internet for things completely unrelated to my homework.  Also, communication media today has become quite isolating and to a certain degree I feel I have sort of isolated myself.  Instead of communicating with people face to face, it seems much more convenient to just talk to them online or call them or send them a text message.

Nikita: Some of the negative implications about having communication media are that there is less time to communicate face-to-face with people because we are more attached to our electronic devices, and that we can get easily distracted by the media.

Alana:  One negative impact on me by the various medias I use, is the fact that it takes a lot of my time up.  Instead of doing things I should do, like homework, I find myself distracted by my technologies.  It also has caused me to become somewhat withdrawn and a little anti social.  Instead of physically seeking out my friends so that we can converse, I simply email them or utilize Facebook’s chat option.  A slight emotion detachment is created between the people whom I take to by these methods

Adam: Feeling that the only way to communicate is via text or non-facial communication. For me, talking to someone face-to-face is more informative than talking to someone via the phone or via an instant messenger client. As I see it, there are three different forms of “human” communication: facial, vocal, and text. I believe that text takes the most away from the human aspect of communication, leaving out feelings, sarcasm, and other characteristic human traits of communication. The best vocal form of communication is the phone were the person can hear most of the sarcasm and feelings of the person that they are communicating with, but still lose some of the body language that complements or betrays the vocal communication. Facial communication, in my opinion, is the fullest form of communication, but in today’s society, it is not always practical to implement.

8. How do you think your life would be if you did not have access to communication media; please talk about both the positive and the negative things that might happen.

Jenni: If I did not have access to communication media life as I know it would change. I would be isolated from the rest of the world as they continue to connect via electronic mediums. There would be many conversations that I would no longer be included in. In some ways life would be simpler but it is very challenging to lead a simple life in a complex world. There are many people I would lose touch with and others that I would grow closer with, fostering relationships based on proximity (without the ability to make a phone call, in-person contact would be my primary means of communication) as opposed to common interest.

Rotem: I grew up before the boom of the internet and in the middle of the cell phone boom. So from what I remember from then that differs from my little sisters upbringing is: me and my friends would be outside most of the time (rollerblading, biking); my little sister sits in front of the computer most of the time; my friends would just drop by, maybe calling on the landline phone to make sure that I’m at home; today even if you’re not at home you can be reached all the time, and you can meet up with people everywhere. Basically life would be much simpler without these communications, maybe for better maybe for worst. The world would seem much bigger, as technology advances the world is shrinking, and it’s easy to get a hold to communications and information.

Patricia: If I did not have access to communication media, I think I would definitely be less informed about the world today.  Through television and the internet and the telephone, I am kept up to date with what is going on.  How would we have known about earthquakes in Haiti if not for our unlimited access to communication media? A positive thing that would come out of losing access to communication would be regaining a sense of privacy in people’s lives again.  Because of communication media,  our lives have become so public that almost anyone can find some piece of information about any other person.

Nikita: If I did not have access to communication media, I would be at a complete loss because I am so used to being able to find people using my phone, and being found by other people, that it would be difficult grasping the concept of being “alone” in the world. I would also get bored because I wouldn’t have anything to amuse myself with. The world would seem plain and bland.

Alana: I believe my life would be much simpler and focused.  I would have fewer things to occupy my time therefore I would concentrate more on the things that I was currently working on.  Instead of checking and concerning myself with all the technologies I own, I would be forced to focus only on the present.  Fewer things would weigh on my mind.  At the same time the world in which I interact with would become smaller.  Communication would be limited to people I have constant or reoccurring contact with.

Adam: I would probably be a bit of a loner, since a lot of the houses near my place are older couples and most of them don’t have other people to communicate with that are from my generation.

9. If you had to choose one communication media to take on a desert island, which one would you choose and why?

Jenni: I would take the ability to make phone calls. I have contact information for all the people that really matter and there is something special about hearing the sound of someone’s voice. Facebook is a great way to connect with a large audience but in this case “the medium is the message”. I would rather retain ties with a close network than a large distant one.

Rotem: I would choose to take my laptop, the only reason would be is that it’s multifunctional and could be used for gaming, communicating. But what would I do if the battery ran out *&@*#!@^(*!@^&*(. It’s a hard question to answer. All electronic devices would eventually run out. Screw technology I would trade it for a surf board and a guitar.

Patricia: If I had to choose one communication media to take on a desert island, I would definitely choose the internet because it encompasses all other forms of communication media.  For example, I could watch television shows through the internet and I could talk to people through the Internet.

Nikita: If I had to choose one communication media to take on a desert island, I would take my laptop (if there was internet connection) because I would still be able to communicate with people through msn or facebook, and it is possible to do so much through the internet

Alana: I would choose to take my I-phone with GPS technology.  This would allow me to connect to the internet to contact people to tell them I am on an island and allow them to locate me.  Then while I am waiting for rescue I can look up what indigenous plants can be eaten, how to make a shelter, and then i would curl up to a fire and watch a movie

Adam: I would choose Samsungs “Blue Earth” cell phone because it is a solar powered cell phone so I can either choose to say longer on the island without worrying about battery life, or I can call for help and get off the island.


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