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StudioLab01 – WRITE UP

January 21, 2010

During our second lab assignment our group employed four communication mediums to relay a single message. We choose both modern and established techniques including: sign language, Morse code, twitter, and facebook. When looking at these four methods of communication we found that the more modern ones (facebook and twitter) were easier to use and allowed us to relay the messages faster. These social networking sites prevented misunderstandings because we were able to maintain the message’s original content and integrity in typed form (copy and paste). However, we were by limited the computers and the availability of the websites.  In several instances facebook stopped working and had to be rebooted. In addition, only two individuals in our group used twitter. The two users of this website were limited in their communication abilities. Twitter allows anyone to read content but only members can create it. Most of the group did not utilize twitter for that reason.

Our group was faced with greater problems when using sign language and Morse code. We did not know how to relay or receive messages by those means. To combat these obstacles we tried two things. First, we decided to make up our own variety of sign language. In the end it looked very similar to a form of charades. When dealing with the issue of Morse code we used a website dedicated to the translation and interpretation of graphic Morse code. After the translator gave us the translated versions either in English or Morse code, we would send it to one another via facebook. We noted how even though we were attempting to use arcane communication methods, we still had to rely on modern computerized tools. Our individual interpretations of both sign language and Morse code varied dramatically and affected the original messages meaning. At times we simply had to stop using those methods because communication was too difficult. Also, time constraints played a role in this decision.

There was a single common medium that held together our ability to receive and relay messages. We found facebook to be the most reliable and available means of information interchange. We decided to use it to try to understand the other types of communication. Facebook was a vital resource and could easily have replaced all the other communication methods we selected. Every member of the group had access to the site and was adept at using it. Failure in communication only happened when our confidence, knowledge, or facebook chat connection dropped. Morse code failed because we did not have competent understanding of how to read and use the translator, thus affecting our confidence. Sign language failed because we did not know it, and twitter was not useful to the group because 75 percent of the group lacked the ability to create content with it. We came to the conclusion that using social networking sites to send messages promotes message integrity more than face-to-face communication. We also noted that communication is an integral part of community life and that it is a double-edged sword. We need it to function, but we also need to understand it first or the message will not be properly relayed.

Adam Penner + Alana McMorran + Jenni Rempel + Nikita Cheung + Patricia Bernal + Rotem Tal


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