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January 21, 2010


Theme: Consummer goods.

Categories: Home Living, Electronics & Gadgets, Health & Wellness, Apparel & Accessories,  Pet Products, Outdoor Living, Auto & Hardware, Etc

This site sells EVERYTHING in terms of marketable consumer goods.


40 Second Electric Toothbrush

The toothbrush accelerates the process of oral care and dental hygiene. It saves time and manual exertion. Manual toothbrushes are obsolesced by this new technology. To look back even further one could say that this innovation revives the ancient “chew-sticks” and other archaic means of dental care. This devices also brings back the desire and need for oral hygiene and cleanliness. This new products presents some opportunities for reversal. The 40 second electric toothbrush promotes laziness and could potentially cut down on business opportunities for dental professionals.


How many times have you gotten stuck watching a boring television program because you were unable to locate the remote? Are you tired of looking and searching for the clicker? Well, look no further…

A new “Electronics & Gadgets” product! REMOTE LOCATOR! It uses a beeping noise, similar to the beep function on a cordless telephone., to help users locate the TV remote control. It enhances your ability to find things and speeds up the remote location process. This device pushes aside remote holders and similar physical devices. Manual search is revived by the REMOTE LOCATOR! There are also many reversal opportunities. This devices promotes discordance, disorganization and laziness. Users are at risk of becoming dependent on the device.


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